George the Great Dane visits young girl in hospital, Watch what happens next

There are so many stories on YouTube about families and their pet dogs, funny stories, moving stories and even sad stories, but there are not too many stories that are as important as the story that the video below tells. George, the Great Dane, is a “service dog” to a special little 11-year-old girl named Bella. Bella has suffered from a rare progressive disorder called “Morquio Syndrome” since birth and has had to spend most of her short life either on crutches or in a wheel chair, that was until George came into her life. This debilitating disease is a metabolic disorder where the body cannot process certain types “mucopolysaccharides” which the body uses as lubricants and shock absorbers. The saddest thing about this type of disease is that is usually inherited.

Service dogs are a relatively new phenomenon on the medical field. There have been “Seeing Eye Dogs” around for decades to assist visually impaired people, but the service dog of today is a totally different breed of beast. These dogs are specially trained to assist people with disabilities ranging from visually impairments, hearing impairments, seizure disorders, diabetes and Mobility impairments. The majority of the breeds of dog used in this line-of-work are Labradors, Retrievers and German shepherd’s, but any kind of dog can be trained to perform these very special duties.

To qualify for a service dog, Bella’s mother had to volunteer at the “Service Dog Project Inc.” which is where Bella first met George. They fell for each other straight away and have been inseparable ever since, in Bella’s words, “I knew he needed me as much as I needed him” and to this day they have been together. Without George, Bella would have probably never walked by herself again.

“The first time I walked with George it was amazing, I hadn’t done it for so long, now I get to do it again” Bella said of her first experience with this loveable Great Dane. “He’s the one that made me more independent than I ever could be” words that Bella said with such love in her eyes.

“Barkpost” the online dog appreciation site heard of George and Bella’s story and decided that George deserved the “Dogs Best Day” award. The video below follows George on his best day outing around Boston. They start of at a very special day for George was a stop at the “Fairmont Copley Plaza” where he was greeted by the GM and their canine ambassadors. Then it was off to a burger restaurant where George had his fill of his favorite people food. Then Bella and George enjoyed an afternoon doing what George loves best, playing in the snow.

The video below is truly inspirational, the story of a little girls fight against adversity and the huge dog that has made her life so much better. Click the link below and enjoy what is a well-deserved honor for a canine-career of the highest quality.