The greatest road song of all time: George Strait’s 1982 country hit, ‘Amarillo by Morning’

George Strait

The country music song “Amarillo by Morning” was written by Paul Fraser & Terry Stafford and sung by the latter in 1973. This popular cover song was sung by several other artists too.

George Strait

However, one of the recreations of this song was a significant hit released in 1983 by George Strait. The song’s character was described as a rodeo cowboy driving from San Antonio to Amarillo.

The character recounted his hardships during his occupation and thought about his lost love. He knew he was a cowboy who wandered to different places with nothing but himself and a few clothes in his backpack.

The character’s desire for his past life was pretty evident with the wistfulness in the lyrics. However, he still thought what had happened in his life was good, and he knew he was on the right path.

“I ain’t got a dime, but what I got is mine/I ain’t rich, but Lord, I’m free.” Finally, the character stated that he would keep moving forward in life and would not be burdened by his past life.

George Strait

The band’s fiddle player, Buddy Spicher, had done a fantastic job with the keening tones and had added more beauty to the melodious song. This song will always be remembered as one of the best rodeo circuits since 1973.

This had become Strait’s signature song and was considered one of the best country songs. Many believe that this song finally launched “Strait” as a brilliant performer of all time. This song made him the undisputed king of country music.

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The greatest road song of all time: George Strait\'s 1982 country hit, \'Amarillo by Morning\'