German Shepherd mix watches her former family adopting a new puppy

There’s no point in adopting a pet if you are not going to take care of them properly under any circumstances. We have seen many beautiful stories about pet dogs that are adopted in different parts around the world and live happily ever after along with their new families. Unfortunately not all the stories have such a good development, sometimes the new owners don’t have any sense of respect for these poor creatures or maybe the experience is not what they had in mind in first place. The resulting event of this irresponsible behavior is a mistreated animal or more probably an abandoned of the puppy.

The next story describes exactly this type of situation, is really sad when innocent pets have to experience such a negative moment just because some random persons don’t feel comfortable with the decisions they made. The story of Zuzu is very heartbreaking; this beautiful two-year-old German Shepherd mix was given away by her own family. According to the previous owners, the four-legged was too depressed after another pet in the family die so they decided to give her in adoption to the shelter. But this isn’t the worst part yet.

One day Zuzu was in the shelter and suddenly she seemed to be very excited about something, she was moving her tale fast, running in circles and jumping directly into the fence. You won’t believe what was the cause of this event. It turns out that Zuzu had recognized her former family; they were standing right in front of her but despite what you might be thinking now their presence in there was not to claim her back. They talked with the person in charge and explained to him that they wanted a new mascot instead, one much happier than Zuzu.

All the people present in the shelter couldn’t believe that somebody was capable of doing such a horrible thing. The visit of Zuzu’s owner was captured on camera and then uploaded to the internet using the social networks available; the video became immediately part of a social trending. Animal lovers from all around the world were really displeased about it, they made several comments about how irresponsible were these actions and expressed their concern about the kind of people that adopts pets in the animal shelter.

Lucky for our friendly Shepherd, the right pair of eyes saw the video an instantly knew they had to do something about it. The couple Judith and Russ Gallo saw the viral video and decided to give Zuzu a new home, it was just too perfect for them since one of her two doggies had passed away and the other needed a new company. When they took her to their house the first encounter was magical, we can say for sure that it was meant to be.

If you want to know more about this touching story, just click play on the video below and enjoy watching how life gives a second opportunity to Zuzu. Don’t forget to comment and share it with your friends