This Girl Grew Up Raising Gorillas. You Won’t Believe What Happens When They’re Finally Reunited.

Tansy Aspinall grew up around gorillas in Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, England. All because her family’s ‘Aspinall Foundation’ had been set up to do the brilliant job of rehabilitating captive gorillas. Imagine how beautiful seeing them released into their natural habitat in West Africa would have been.

Twelve years after releasing two gorillas named Bimms and Djalta, Tansy and her father Damian travelled to Gabon to see if they could find their old friends. Damian calls their names and it’s an incredible moment when Djalta and Bimms actually appear at the edge of the river.

But the way they react to Tansy, who was just a small child the last time they saw her? There are no words. They actually appear to be asking to see her, recognising her straightaway. Just watch.

We don’t know how Damian and Tansy could have brought themselves to leave them: but thank goodness that there are selfless people like them looking out for these majestic creatures.

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