This Girl Is Trying To Teach A Trick To This Dog, But What The Dog Does Next Is Priceless

Training a dog isn’t rocket science, and it seems like it would also be a lot more fun. At least, it looks like it in this next clip of a three-year-old girl teaching her Labradoodle how to shake. Or is it the parents teaching the little girl how to get the dog to do what she wants him to do?

In this clip we meet Hadley, who is only 3 years old, but she is already is a great dog trainer. She has already learned that a dog will do anything for a treat, including being very patient. The dog seems to know that he has to be patient and gentle with his young trainer. And her dog is very adorable and has the patience needed for them to be very best of friends. I think these two have grown up together and now each other very well.

This little girl tries her best to show her love to her dog and is asking him to show off what he’s learned from her, with a little help from dad. When her dad sees it, he instantly takes out his camera and starts recording. And what he captures is truly a memorable moment for both the father and the daughter.

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