Girl’s finds 30-year-old class photo, then fiancé recognizes boy in the corner

Many fairy tales have some truth in them. In fact a lot of them are based on real-life-events that happened to the author. But not everybody can have a fairytale ending to a story that has taken a lifetime to pan out. Some people have difficulty finding love in today’s busy world and turn to online dating sites for help. These sites have become extremely popular as busy individuals don’t seem to have the time to spend socializing as we used to years ago. The 21st century has made some huge difference in our lives, so many people today work from home thanks to modern technology, and therefore don’t get the chance to socialize as much as they used too.

The story in the video below will blow your mind, it is a true life fairytale that no one saw coming. Justin and Amy met online and started dating. When they first met they hit it off straight away, as if they had known each other for a lifetime. The chemistry between the two of them was just magic, almost too good to be true. The connection that they felt together just seemed so natural that they could not believe how good things were working out. Amy felt that she may have finally met the man of her dreams, and that this was the one she would marry.

Justin told Amy that he just loved her name as it reminded him of the girl that he had had a crush on in pre-school. His memories of this other Amy had always stuck with him, their time together in the playground always brought a smile to his face just thinking about it. This got Amy thinking, it somehow sounded familiar to her, so after the date she went home and asked her mother for some school photos. By coincidence, Justin did the same thing, and what they both discovered was just amazing. Amy was immediately moved to tears as she realized the truth about her new boyfriend.

Before we revile the BIG secret it’s sometimes amazing how people’s paths will cross throughout their lives. The strangers you meet that seem somehow familiar, the déjà vu you experience when walking into a building that you have never been in before. The mind is a trap for information, things that you have forgotten can came back to you just by a smell that you haven’t experienced for years, or the sound of car passing that instantly brings back a memory from the past.

Click on the link below to find out what it was that brought Amy to tears, like all fairytales, this story is bound to have a happy ending that will leave you smiling for days.