“Golden Girls” compilation of Sophia’s brutal comebacks has fans cracking up

Sophia Petrillo

Of all the Golden Girls, Sophia was the most forward and blunt. A new video showcasing the brutal, fearless remarks and insults from the oldest cast member on the show is generating side-splitting laughter worldwide.

Sophia Petrillo

The American actress Estelle Getty played Sophia Petrillo so well that she won a Golden Globe for excellent portrayal. She also won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

On ‘Golden Girls,’ Sophia played the role of the mother of one of the other characters, Dorothy Zbornak. She became a fan-favorite, primarily because of her devil-may-care attitude in the story.

Golden Girls

In this hilarious video, viewers are treated to 35 scenes where the character snaps back at the other characters. These scenes are hilarious to watch and more evidence of the excellent scriptwriting the show is famous for.

Rose starts a heartfelt conversation with Sophia and shares with her that as a girl, she experienced a traumatizing thunderstorm. Still, she is interrupted by the quirky Sophia, and the lightning-fast reply stuns her.

Sophia Petrillo

‘Excuse me, Rose. Have I given you any indication at all that I care?’ Sophia snaps back sarcastically. She delivers the insults in such a way that it seems that she has been mulling them in her head for years.

One viewer commented on the effect that Sophia has on viewers. He wrote: ‘Years ago, when my Grandma was sick, I would watch this show with her, and she’d laugh, which took her mind off of the pain she was in.’ There is something magical about watching Sophia in action. There’s something liberating about her bluntness.

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