Golden retrievers and husky comfort mom cat after she gives birth

Two golden retrievers and a husky are delighted to have a new baby to care for: the kitten born to their best friend cats. They watch over the newborn carefully and make sure the mother is comfortable after birth.

When a gray striped kitten is born to an orange tabby and a gray tabby, nobody was more excited than the onlooking husky and golden retrievers just beyond the gate.

Once introduced, they all curiously and gently sniffed the baby, laying beside it carefully. It didn’t take long for them to decide they would care for and protect it earnestly.

It wasn’t just the baby kitten that they were taken with. The dogs also kept a close eye on the recovering momma cat. They would snuggle and groom her while making sure she was okay.

The dogs aren’t the only ones keeping a careful watch over the newborn baby and mom cat. The father of the kitten, an orange tabby, grooms and lays with the mother as she recovers. They had no fears leaving the kitten with the canines while they rested.

The entire video paints an endearing picture of the close-knit animal family. It appears that all of them get along, attend to one another, and can almost never be found alone.