Goose Chase, Mother Goose Shows Cops Where Her Baby Goose Is Trapped

If you’ve ever been in a park where there are a lot of geese, the first thing you’ll realize is that they are VERY territorial, especially if you happen to wander near their young. I’ve seen them chase people for a very long distance for even an unintentional trespass. They are fiercely loyal to their children, which also means they will do whatever is needed if they are in trouble. Even if that means enlisting the help of those they may chase off in other times. This video shows just that.

A mother goose had come pecking on a Cincinnati police officers patrol car. At first the police officers thought she just wanted food. She was far too insistent they follow her… so they did. What they found was a baby goose who had gotten tangled up in a balloon someone had negligently left behind. She was wrapped up pretty good, so a female officer who came onto the scene picked up the baby and went to work at freeing him.

The mama goose hung out nearby, nervously watching and occasionally honking as if to say, “Hang in there, son! Is he going to be OK?” She knew that this human was there to help. The whole thing lasted about three minutes and ended with the officer putting the newly-freed baby onto the ground where he immediately bolted for the creek that all the other geese were hanging out.

You’d have thought that he would have waited for his mama, but noooo… I think she was honking after him, “Say thank you! Hey! Come back here, that creek is not going anywhere! This nice lady saved you… HELLO?” The two officers that were there got something out of this too… a story that they will be able to tell their kids and grandkids for many years. That there’s video footage makes it even better.

Wasn’t that SO cool? It shows you that animals have an instinct of who can help them. Have you had anything like that happen? We’d love to hear your stories about it in the comments section! We’d also be honored if you “Like” us on Facebook.

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