Gorgeous views of Vermont’s fall foliage from above shows unlimited colors

Are you planning on visiting Vermont anytime soon? Well pack your bags, but keep that itinerary set for the fall season.

When people talk about taking a vacation, there is usually a theme attached to it. Summer fun, winter skiing, or New Year’s scenery come to mind. In Vermont, fall is the theme, and beauty is the reward.

Fall foliage in Vermont is best seen up close and personal. It’s like becoming a part of a Bob Ross painting. This is the type of peace he would always talk about, and there is no better place to achieve it than Vermont.

The changes during fall are not sudden for nature. You will see gradual changes in late autumn, right into the full transformation where fall begins. The temperature change is another pleasant gift, as the hot and humid summer months become a thing of the past.

If you’ve got the time, snow can start as early as late October. Going from perfect fall colors to snow is a welcome change when you crave good weather.

To get the most out of the changing seasons, arrive a few days before the colors start changing. Watching it happen over time is a comforting experience that lets you see the best part of nature in real-time. Make sure to bring a camera and record the beauty of fall foliage in Vermont.

Gorgeous views of Vermont\'s fall foliage from above shows unlimited colors