Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter Pauline Is Like Her Clone Now That She’s All Grown Up

When we look at children for the first time, we often try to determine which of their features come from their mom and which comes from their dad. While it can be difficult to tell some of the time, there are some kids who are spitting images of their family members, and it’s extremely obvious who they look the most like.

Occasionally, it’s the grandparents who pass down the most influential traits. Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, has a granddaughter named Pauline Ducruet who clearly inherited some aspects of her appearance. Now, Pauline is all grown up, and many people wonder what she looks like today.

To their delight, she actually looks just like her late grandmother! The 23-year old’s face is basically exactly the same as her grandma’s. I’m sure plenty of people do a double take because of it! It must be bizarre to look exactly like such an influential woman. She can probably go through old photos of her grandmother and feel as though she’s looking at her future self! How cool would that be to know how you might look when you’re older?

It’s amazing just how similar family members can be. Not only do personality traits get passed down, but facial structures and features can often end up as an exact match between older and younger relatives. It’s like looking at two different versions of the same person! It’s a strange but beautiful thing. Pauline is lucky to have inherited such lovely, iconic looks from a princess!

Do you have any relatives that you look exactly like? Genetics are truly amazing! Be sure to share this video with your friends and family to see if they can relate to Pauline and Grace’s resemblance. Then, leave your thoughts on this crazy story in the comment section down below!