Grandma To The Rescue In Epic Proportion, What Are We Talking About?

Grandmothers have a demeanor about them that seems not only nurturing, but at times a bit pushy. They know the right way to do it and chances are, you’re in the way. Yet, the real shinning stars cultivate or nurture the youth of tomorrow with patience, kindness and compassion. Many grandmothers know the joy of having grandkids and it carries the same amount of pride regardless of species. While some of the time we find that other species grandmothers are a bit ornerier.

When elephants are playing in the mud, everyone is happy. They get to cool down and coat their dry skin with healing and sun repellent mud and we get to see crazy and amazingly cute stories such as this one. Grandma can be a real handful, but when she’s angry or has the dedication, it can really show in a tremendously powerful way. When you see how a precious babe escapes from the path of a stampeding grandma, you will be flabbergasted!

The tiniest baby elephant is waiting patiently behind mom, but it seems as though she is stuck in the mud, unable to budge or progress. Many would try rocking back and forth, but as soon as Granny elephant catches wind that someone needs help, she darts into action. If you watch closely, this tiny baby elephant almost got the worst punishment possible from a grandma. When you see this little darling, narrowly escape the powerful presence of grandma, your jaw will drop!

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