Grandpa and rescue kitten give lesson on bathing babies

One fine day, Quang’s father decided to give him and his pregnant wife lessons on how to bathe their expected newborn with their resume kitten in the most adorable and heartwarming way.

One day this sweet grandpa-to-be and his adorable rescue kitten decided to give his son and expectant wife lessons on how to bathe their expected newborn baby.

The cute kitten is seen enjoying the gentle doting as the grandpa-to-be explains to his son how to bathe a newborn baby. For the kitten, it’s time to enjoy a lap of luxury, considering the water being used is imaginary.

The grandpa-to-be is quite good at his illustration because he has the experience of taking care of his son and daughter while they were young.

It is even more sweet seeing how the grandpa is getting along with the cute rescue kitten who will soon have a younger sibling. The adorable kitten is like their first baby for the couple because they’ve been providing and taking care of it for a while.

With more than twenty thousand shares, you can tell many people were captivated by this heartwarming moment. It’s also quite impressive how the warm and loving family is preparing to welcome their little bundle of joy.