These “Granny Pods” are the best option to moving your loved ones in a nursing home

When a relative needs specialized care, such as the one he or she could get at a nursing home, what do you do? Do you move him or her there? This has been a very controversial topic for many years. Many people say that a nursing home is not really the solution. For these people, there is nothing like being cared for at home. Being able to care for your elderly is a way of giving back to them when they need it the most.

The American culture is a very rich one. We have many people from other countries that have called this land their own as well. In some Asian countries, it is completely unacceptable to move their elderly into nursing homes. Elderly are deemed to be great sources of wisdom and must be honored by providing them with good personalized care by their own families. They are regarded in the highest standard and as such, must be treated.

Many American families as well feel that their loved ones will be better cared for if they are close by. For those families, a new concept for living and care has been developed. It has been nicknamed “Granny Pods.” This is a new concept of living that was developed for those families. It was developed for those who want their elderly to have that independence of living in their own space. It is a small-sized apartment which is built right in their backyard.

This living space has everything the customer might need. It includes a full-sized refrigerator, washer-dryer combo, walk-in closets and a kitchen. Everything is custom built, including the flooring, cabinet material, and pantry spaces. The customer gets to choose the material for all of them. In hot areas like Florida, the construction is in compliance with state regulation so it can withstand hurricanes.

These Granny Pods also have a built-in camera system. This is hooked up to the main residence. The camera system includes a camera installed on the floor, so the family can be alerted in case their loved one falls and needs assistance.

Bathroom and living space can include everything the person would need. For instance, it can have a shower seat and railing in various parts of the house. Most pods can hold a king or queen-size bed and have enough electrical outlets to plug in anything he or she needs. The pods are also given the same exterior finish to match the main residence. This is a requirement in many states. A very new and complete concept. Check it out!