Great bands of the 1960s that have fallen off the radar of time

Many of the 1960s bands that made music history are forgotten today. Yet their songs stir powerful memories.

The 1960s were a prime time for music. There was an explosion of bands with numerous hits that carved a new style and wave of music, pushing pop culture into a new era.

Many of these bands were short-lived one-hit wonders, while others managed to remain successful with several popular songs. No matter what the case, however, each of them helped teens and young people of the sixties make powerful memories to their tune.

In a nostalgic video paying tribute to these bands, with a focus on the ones who have become more obscure, these very memories of youth, optimism, and lighthearted joy come alive. The clips are from original broadcasts of each of their hit songs, some in black and white and some in technicolor, just like the memories of everyone who was alive to hear them then.

From Peppermint Rainbow to the Boxtrots, timeless classic songs like “the Letter” and “And I’ll be there” will never let these bands truly be forgotten. Listening to the video, an entire decade with all its highs and lows, challenges and triumphs, comes alive again, for those who remember it and those who seek to get to know it.

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Great bands of the 1960s that have fallen off the radar of time