Puppies and Clydesdales: It Has to Be an Epic Superbowl Commercial

This is probably one of the cutest and most heart-warming videos you will see today. It is the Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII commercial from 2014 that shows the special friendship between the Clydesdales and an adorable puppy.

It is one of the top Budweiser commercials ever made, and you’ll see why when you see this puppy. The little pup runs away from his adoption home on a seemingly regular basis and always ends up in a specific place. He ends up in a stable with the Clydesdale horses because one of them is his best “bud.”


But one day, he gets adopted, and what follows after will melt your heart. This is what friendship is all about. This puppy is up for adoption, but every day he goes next door to visit a Clydesdale horse that he loves, who also loves him. The caretaker of the horses sees the puppy every day, and every day he returns him to his owner, who apologizes for the trouble.

Rain or shine, the puppy escapes and comes to visit the horses. Then the pup gets adopted, and as his new owner is driving away with him, the horses start to follow. They jump the fence and block the way. So the man who adopted him returns him, and our lovable puppy comes running up the driveway with the horses. Guess who adopts him? Yep! The horses’ dad! This is so sweet.