The guinea hen incident: Yorkie puppies boldly drive the intruders away

When confronted by a threat, many animals attempt to look bigger than they really are. For example, cats hiss and pull their ears back (possibly to make their face look like a snake’s), arch their backs, and puff their tails out. A cat may back away using a strange sideways step, but they’re going to look big and tough while doing it! Dogs don’t go in for hissing and tail-puffing, but they’ll bear their teeth and, of course, bark to show they mean business. A guinea hen invasion certainly got one group of Yorkshire terriers barking…

The story of how Yorkshire terriers — known lovingly as “Yorkies” by their fans — came to be is interesting and a bit unusual. In the olden days, dog breeding was typically a hobby for aristocrats. But the Yorkie was invented in the mid-1800s by Scottish factory workers who’d moved to Yorkshire, in northern England! They brought several types of small terrier with them and before long, a new breed was born. Yorkies are proud little dogs, with an upright carriage and an air of importance. They’re also intelligent and crave physical and mental stimulation. Yorkies do have a reputation for yapping a lot and that brings us back to the guinea hens.

Mama dog Gidget and her four puppies were hanging out in a room minding their own business. The three boys were roughhousing, as usual. Meanwhile, their sister was imitating mom’s typical Yorkie patrol, always on the lookout for trouble. A flock of guinea hens had the audacity to prance onto the yard outside. Gidget started barking at the intruders, but they just ignored her. The female puppy started barking, too, and the boys soon joined in. It has to be said that Yorkie puppies’ bite is a lot worse than their bark. Maybe that’s why the birds promptly moved along to another yard!

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