“Gunsmoke” fight scene is still one of the best ever

"Gunsmoke" fight scene

For twenty seasons, the western drama Gunsmoke aired on CBS. While it began as a radio program, Gunsmoke quickly transitioned to television. From 1955-to 1975, viewers enjoyed the legend of the settlement of the great American West.

"Gunsmoke" fight scene

James Arness played the iconic Marshall Matt Dillon of Dodge City, Kansas, for twenty consecutive years. Only a handful of actors have portrayed the same character for such a long period.

In this clip, Marshall Dillon defends the honor of a woman in Dodge named Abby. The woman was being abused and dragged around by actor John Anderson, playing a villain known as Ben Siple.

"Gunsmoke" fight scene

Earlier in the episode, Marshall Dillon promised Abby that she would be safe in Dodge. He told her he would never let another man hit her. However, Siple backhands her, which causes the Marshall’s promise to be broken.

When Marshall Dillon confronts Siple, he takes off his holster and gun, showing Siple he desires a fair fistfight. However, Siple pulls out a knife, showing he has no honor or intention of fighting fair.

Even though Siple whips his knife at Marshall Dillon several times, the Marshall can take the bad guy down. He lands some great punches while the crowd watching grows.

Incredible choreography and sound effects make this an excellent scene for film editors to study. It’s considered a fantastic fight scene. Marshall finally knocks Siple out, and he tells Siple’s friend to load him on the wagon and never come back. Dodge City is proud of their lawman, who has vanquished the villain once again.

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