Handy Husband Creates Off-Road Capable Wheelchair For His Paralyzed Wife

Wheelchairs have come a long way since their initial design, but there was a need for a model suited to outdoor adventures. Cambry Kaylor, an outdoor enthusiast, used to be a champion equestrian vaulter. She was paralyzed during a riding accident in 2005. However, she still trained other riders and longed for adventure.

Zack Nelson’s YouTube channel, ‘Jerry Rig Everything,’ showcases his unique talent for tearing down technology and rebuilding and repairing things. Zack began including Cambry in his videos when they started dating. These videos would feature projects that made her life more comfortable, like a home elevator.

Then he built her an off-road wheelchair that she could use on almost any terrain. It is fully electric, quiet, and lightweight. The design comprises two electric bikes. The Rig, as they call it, can go up to 20 miles on a single charge, and it goes quickly. Cambry uses it whenever they venture into the great outdoors. It can even carry a cooler in the back! They also designed it to fit into the back of a truck or a jeep.

Zack has stated that it is essential to recognize that The Rig is not a medical device. It will still require whatever maintenance an electric bike would, but it offers the adventure lover a chance to get out there despite mobility constraints.

The amount of lives this will touch is inspiring. So many people unable to experience things because of mobility issues will find new freedom thanks to this device. What a beautiful thing that is!

Handy Husband Creates Off-Road Capable Wheelchair For His Paralyzed Wife