Have you ever wondered what your principal does when the school is closed for snow-day?

As a kid, snow days are like a dream come true for many reasons. One of the best news I could get growing up was that it had snowed all night and that I wouldn’t get to go to school. I imagined everything I would do that day. I would go out, build a snowman, play with my friends and even get a chance to take out my sleigh which I rarely got to use.

There was a very steep hill behind my house and we loved sliding down there. My friends and I didn’t even need to have a proper sleigh, all we needed was some big pieces of cardboard and we would be good to go. The first time I slid down that hill was using an empty cardboard box from a refrigerator that we had just gotten. The box only lasted for a few rides, but it was well worth it.

We used to have snowman competitions with the loser having to bring Smores for snacks. I lost a couple of them and I have to say that there were a lot of Smores involved but I didn’t mind. Of course, snow also brought a new set of chores. One of them would be helping around with all that shoveling. It was something that I particularly enjoyed doing.

I even had a kid-sized shovel that I used even though it took me a little longer to get finished. I wasn’t the only one with these types of chores. One of my friends had to help his father at a coffee shop they had. He said that it was no fun for him because when we didn’t have school, he would still have to work. His father did let him go home early but he missed a good deal of fun.

My friends and I had out little superstitions. We believed for example that if we went to sleep wearing red socks, everything would be covered in snow the following day and we would have a day off. This made me ask my mother for a lot of red socks during the season. My mother thought that it was because I really loved the Christmas season, she didn’t know it was an attempt of mine to sabotage my going to school.

I had always wondered what my principal did on those off days. I figured that he probably got to stay home, too. Maybe he went to work for a few hours and got to catch up on some things he would not do because of all the interruptions he had. But when I watched the following video, that’s when I found out the truth. Check out what these hidden cameras captured!