Heart-wrenching Dance Routine to James Bay’s “Incomplete”

Music can make you feel happy, energetic, nostalgic, and an array of other emotions. Many people take their favorite song to the next level by performing a choreographed dance routine along with the music and lyrics. Connor Gormley and Stephanie Mincone did just that.

The song the couple picked was U.K. singer James Bay’s “Incomplete.” This song is passionate and will bring back memories of past relationships and heartache. The two dancers add even more emotion to the song with their incredible dance moves.

The beautiful dance scenes in the video were directed and produced by Tim Milgram. Tessandra Chavez choreographed the number and has an undeniable talent for doing so. The video starts with Gormley starring out a window and clinging to the wall for support.

As the song goes on, Mincone joins Connor, and their intimate moves show that the two have chemistry. With impressive physical strength, the pair perform flips into one another, somersaults, and even appear to freeze in time at one point. The dancers make this song even more beautiful than it already was.