A heartbroken goat refused to eat and baffled the rescue workers. Find out why!

Animal reunions are the most heart-warming things to see. And this reunion is one of the most adorable I have witnessed. This one, in particular, shows you just how powerful the bonds of friendship can be. Mr. G is a goat. He was rescued from the hands of an animal hoarder. For some reason, he appeared to be completely heartbroken.

This seemed weird to the rescuers because one would assume that he would be happy escaping from such a toxic environment. For some reason, he appeared to be depressed and would not move or eat. What the rescuers didn’t know was that he missed his old pal Jellybean the donkey. They were so close that the goat could not imagine a life without him.

What happened was that once Jellybean and Mr. G were taken away from the hoarder, they went to separate sanctuaries. Animal Place is one of the animal welfare groups responsible for the rescue. When separating the animals, they had underestimated the amount of bonding that these two animal buddies had.

After a while, they realized why the goat was going through a rough time and they started to devise a plan to correct it. They wanted to focus on was what would be best for the goat. Would the goat be better off at the sanctuary he was already in? I mean, animals can adapt to anything, right? Aren’t they supposed to just outgrow this once they ‘meet’ other animals?

After a short while, it became evident that he needed to see his buddy Jellybean again. The rescuers would do whatever it takes to make that happen for the goat. It is not common to see this level of commitment on the part of a rescuer for one of the victims they have rescued. These rescuers were willing to go above and beyond for Mr. G. For them, his pal was like someone from his family.

As soon as he was reunited with his pal Jellybean, it was as if they had not been apart at all. This is a story that I can definitely relate to. I have friends who I have been apart from for a long time. Some of them, I hadn’t seen in around 23 years. When I got to see them, it was as if I had not lost contact. They were exactly the same way then as they are now.

How would everything turn out for these best friends? Check out the video to find out!