This Helpful Terrier Has Learned A Ton Of Amazing Household Tricks! Awww!

Dogs have amazing intelligence, they are able to understand us and collaborate with us in a wide spectrum of tasks. From entertainment performances, to police or rescue work, dogs truly are able to learn anything. This next little one is adorable proof.

Meet Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier. He is highly talented and intelligent, and he will blow you away with the wide array of tricks he can perform. In the video below, Jesse’s owner filmed a YouTube video that shows Jesse performing “useful dog tricks.”  I guarantee that the clip wil have you smiling and “aww-“ing in just the first few seconds in!

To start, Jesse gets out of bed. He immediately opens the blinds to his room and then heads towards the shower. After a nice bath, he turns on a pot of coffee and heads outside to retrieve the daily newspaper. While this is already highly impressive for any pet, Jesse is just getting started. He then proceeds to throw garbage away, clean the counters, and then put his own dish into the dishwasher.

While all of this is impressive, the best part of it all is how the bond between Jesse and his owner shines! Positive reinforcement is the best way to help anyone to learn something!

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