Here’s The Funniest Moment In The History Of Tennis. Kim Clijsters Tames An Unruly Fan

What may go down in history as the funniest moment in the history of tennis happened on the 17th day of Wimbledon. Although Belgian tennis pro Kim Clijsters officially retired in 2012, she took part in the Ladies Invitation Doubles Match at this year’s Wimbledon. Clijsters, partnered with Australian Rennae Stubbs, squared off against American Andrea Jaeger and Spaniard Conchita Martinez. It’s serious tennis, but things did get just a little bit silly. Clijsters was having a great time and couldn’t help but introduce some humor by asking the crowd to suggest the style of serve she should use. One particularly unruly fan yelled out, “Body serve!” Clijsters thought this was pretty funny and yelled back, “You said body? Why don’t you go there?”

But it didn’t end there. Tossing the rule book aside, Clijsters invited the big burly fan onto the court! And so it was that Chris Quinn, a big beefy fellow from Ireland got his chance at tennis fame… In a Ladies Invitational! Clijsters was obviously having a blast, but the professional inside her decided that enough rules had been broken. You see, at Wimbledon, the players have to be dressed in tennis whites.

In the video we’ve posted, you’ll see the brilliant sartorial solution Kim Clijsters found for the massive Irishman! The crowd went wild and the commentators were left almost speechless.
Once Mr. Quinn was properly kitted-out with racket and whites, he took up position opposite Clijsters and was ready for his big moment in the Ladies Invitational. Quinn deserves a lot of credit for making a valiant effort in his first ladies event, but even a retired Kim Clijsters has a tremendous serve. He didn’t have a chance!

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