Here’s How To Build Your Own Greenhouse For Less Than $200

Here’s How To Build Your Own Greenhouse For Less Than $200

Farmer/Youtuber Field to Farm shows us how to build our own greenhouse for less than $200. You only a few materials and a couple of tools, and some time.

First the shopping list: You’ll need 32 3×2’s, every 3 meters in length. That’s about 10 feet for us Yanks. Then you’ll need enough plastic sheeting to cover the entire structure.

This he suggests getting from local farmers who will often switch out their greenhouse coverings and not be able to use what’s leftover. Lastly, you’ll need a ton of wood screws, several of them long enough to bore throw a 3×2 through longways.

Start by turning 24 of your wood pieces into large triangles. Then connect those triangles together with smaller lengths of the same wood. These are created from the remainder of your 3×2’s, cutting them down to size.

Finally, cover all of the structure in your plastic sheeting and voila, you have a lovely gardening structure to protect all your delicate plants. Watch the video for more detailed instructions.