Property Brothers sing “Hold On” – I’m holding back tears!!!

Music is something that makes me happy and good music even more so. When a song is created with great lyrics and soul touching melody, it can go straight to your heart and stay there…

This is one such song, and this country ballad took the world by storm when the Scott Brothers decided to try their hand in a career of music.

For two brothers who were previously in a TV show names the Property Brothers, it would’ve seemed like a big jump to go into the music business, yet this is precisely what Drew and Jonathan Scott did… And what a debut!

Their first song named, ‘Hold on’ is a song with a country touch to it, the soft crooning lyrics and the twang of a softly strummed guitar will make your dream of pleasant memories.

With the world seeing more and more of really young newcomers in the music industry, this song feels like a breath of fresh air.

Perhaps I resonate more with the meaningful lyrics, or the softly sung words and the simple tune that seems so real, but ‘Hold On’ has quickly become one of my favorites on my playlist.

I highly recommend you watch the video below – if only to have a sweet start to your day. This heartfelt song sings about a very touching message – the video itself also shows families reuniting after a long separation, which will tug at your heartstrings.

This dual seem to be unstoppable – they released a second single named ‘Let the Night Shine In’ and have plans to release a full LP album named ‘At Home.’

For those of you who love their HGTV show ‘Property Brothers’ need not worry. They are working on something extraordinary and will continue to be on that show, and I’m sure you’ve seen them in the media, no doubt. They aren’t going anywhere, baby!

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