Hidden ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ bloopers you probably never noticed

I Dream of Jeannie was one of the more unorthodox yet hilarious sitcoms of the 1960s. The show followed the funny exploits of the astronaut Tony and the genie named Jeannie.

Like Bewitched, the show featured silly magic that made the romantic dynamic hilarious. In this video, Rick Nineg compiles some of the best bloopers.

In the first blooper, Jeannie interferes with a survival exercise. At one point, Larry encounters a cougar. Keep an eye on the background as you can see a rope leading the cougar.

The next blooper features Jeannie raining on Tony’s conversation. She uses her magic to make water rain down on top of him and his old flame.

If you look above the frame, you can see the device that made it rain. It’s relatively easy and neat to see how some of these bits worked on the set.

The next blooper follows the exploits of Jeannie’s great-grandfather. The great-grandfather mentions Jeannie last sought his help 1,500 years ago. But in the show, Jeannie has been trapped for 2000 years. Quite the continuity error.

This next blooper comes from the color era. The episode features a letter being slid under the door. It starts vertically slid, but in the next shot, it looks to be horizontal.

The next blooper features Jeannie floating into Tony’s bedroom. Look closely, and you’ll see strings and a stainless steel device.

From that same episode, there’s another blooper worth noting. There’s some blue smoke that makes Jeannie appear. The blue was achieved using special lighting, which you can see reflected on Jeannie’s arms.

Another blooper features a shrunken Tony. He hides from a cat behind a tennis racket. Tony grabs the strings, but the shots where he’s not shrunken reveal the strings haven’t been pulled.

The next blooper features Jeannie making a bridal gown appear. Before she transforms, however, a trunk in the foreground can be seen closed. When the dress appears, the chest is open.

The last blooper comes from a season 2 episode. There’s a continuity error with the neighbor. He was cutting red roses in the close-ups, but the other shots reveal those roses and yellow.

These are some unique bloopers that reveal some of the behind-the-scenes elements of the show. Try to catch them the next time you watch I Dream of Jeannie.

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Hidden \'I Dream of Jeannie\' bloopers you probably never noticed