Hilarious game show answers that will crack you up

It’s easy to shout out obvious answers to game show prompts from the comfort of your couch. Being put on the spot in front of a live studio audience is a whole other animal.

This video highlights some of the funniest answers contestants have given from various beloved game shows. It features clips from ‘Family Feud,’ the ‘Newly Wed Game,’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune.’

It’s hard not to laugh when the contestants give a silly, off-the-cuff answer and break down in giggles over the ridiculous thing they’ve said. The host’s expression is usually priceless too.

One couple on the ‘Newly Wed Game’ totally botched every aspect of answering the question but still managed to get the points for it. The wife just laughs as her husband smiles for the camera.

One man on ‘Family Feud’ is persistent about his answer of “turkey,” which he continues to use despite being incorrect. The game gets funnier and funnier with every question.

It’s refreshing to see the contestants laugh at themselves when they know they’ve said something ridiculous. Sometimes even the hosts have a hard time regaining their composure after an absurd answer.

Game shows are fun to play along at home or root for your favorite contestant. What makes them most enjoyable, though, are the funny answers that leave you in tears with laughter.

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Hilarious game show answers that will crack you up