Hilarious weather forecast sketch rings true for many northerners

Do you ever get the impression that sometimes the weather forecast is entirely made up? This hilarious sketch about Canadian weather forecasting makes fun of the art of meteorological predictions.

It begins with a couple sitting cozy by the fire while ice clings to the window outside and snow falls. Desperate for some good news, the husband checks the weather forecast on the computer.

The gloomy predictions show nothing but constant freezing temperatures until day 7. On day 7, the forecast reveals that the outside temperature might actually be “+1” degrees Celsius. Oh, happy day!

The couple begins to dream about all the things they are going to do when the weather “gets warmer.” The husband plans to chip the accumulated ice off the back gate.

Meanwhile, the wife muses about waxing the car or possibly going out shopping for soap and toothpaste. The couple reminisces about the nostalgia of personal hygiene.

Just when you thought the sketch couldn’t get any funnier, the video cuts to a news broadcasting station. The weatherman explains that weather forecasting beyond five days is basically a joke.

The only reason they throw in a prediction of +1 degree Celsius is to give people false hope while they are going stir crazy in the cold. We wonder how close to the truth this might actually be!

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Hilarious weather forecast sketch rings true for many northerners