She Holds Her Prematurely Born Baby For The First Time. What Happens Next Will Make You Cry!

When your child gets born prematurely, it adds an extra amount of stress and pressure to parents, especially if you’re first time parents. You have to go through seeing your baby getting hooked up to monitors and wires and things you don’t understand. It’s hard even sitting at the NICU. It sure can be an emotional roller coaster! Just imagining it is hair-raising.

This video shows such a situation. It documents the first year of Ward Miller who was born three and half months early. We get to see his development through the months and also be a part of this wonderful journey of his parents, Benjamin and Lyndsey. Watching Ward’s progress is truly heartwarming!

Lyndsey finally got to hold Ward when he was four days old. He weighed only 1.5 pounds on this day and he was only as long as her two hands together. He has to wear a special apparatus on his head so they can attach a tube to help him breathe. There are so many wires and machines connected to him as she holds him.

This video shows his growth and progress for the first year of his life, much of which was spent in the NICU. But that special day does come when the family gets to take Ward home. He’s shown with the two family dogs watching over him, and boy is he kicking and smiling! The change is amazing. He gets stronger every day.

Watch this great first year clip in the video below! What did you think of it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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