Horror movies can catch anyone by surprise. When one cat watches a classic- the poor dear.

Alfred Hitchcock was born August 13th, 1899 and is notorious for his title “Master of Suspense.” The first film he was involved with was “Always Tell Your Wife.” Yet throughout his cinematic starts, he had many different influences that brought him to annals of history. His prose and amazing story telling has captivated audiences, families, and shocked mainstream society for quite some time. His eye for suspense led him to make many classics that are still terrifying us today. From “The Birds,” “Dial M For Murder,” to “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” and a film that almost everyone knows, “Psycho.”

It made quite the impact on audiences and sparked a brand-new kind of fear and terror otherwise unknown. Recognizing mental disorders and classifying them as something wholly ungodly. The things that they could make you do would be traumatic and some find themselves still afraid of Bates. Through all of this, most people are either excited about horror or simply can’t stand it. Yet, one brave cat decided that he was up for the challenge. Dad put “Psycho,” in and let it play.

The wide and cautious eyes of one kitty anxiously awaiting the outcome. It’s the peak, the pinnacle of the movie, you know the scene where she finds Mrs. Bates in the rocking chair? Yes, that scene. It seems to be moving ever so slowly towards one of the greatest twist and reveals ever seen in a movie. When you see how this precious cat reacts? You will be in hysterics!

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