“Please, Mr. Horse…” The little goats begged. “Come play with us!”

Horse and little goats

Happiness knows no borders. Even farm animals could share a moment of fun. Some might lay flat on the ground while others jump around. Some adorable moments were captured in a farmhouse.

Two adult horses enjoy the outdoor wind at the corner of a green field. They had white and black patches and very silly mane. They relaxed, mindlessly, on their round bellies.

Their ruminant friends, two goats, played gleefully around the horses. A kid and a “bigger kid” jumped up and down the horse’s back. It was like toddlers jumping all over their mum.

Horse and little goats

The younger goat used the horse’s back as a makeshift playground slide. The kid slid on it gleefully. The bigger goat joined the fun. Jumping around like it was on a trampoline.

The happy goats even took turns like preschoolers on a playground. The older goat poked the horse’s lower body with its horns. It quickly stepped back, looking like a mischievous child.

The younger goat couldn’t get enough of the piggyback. It staggered and tried to maintain balance. The horse’s hair was very silky and could make it slip.

The older goat continued to poke tirelessly. Well, at that moment, the horse needed a break and rolled over to its side. It was an adorable playtime in the farmhouse.

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