This Horse Carries Hay Across The Field. But When You See Who He Shares With? Aw!

One of the best ways of letting someone you love know that you feel strongly about them is by making small, yet punctual gestures that show that your affection is not just words. Nothing fancy is necessary, just a little act that makes them sure that you’re looking out for them and worry about their wellbeing. This kind of feelings and acts are not something that only humans do. Animals can also pamper their loved ones with beautiful gestures. Just like the horse in the video below!

This horse had a very nice idea to show his girlfriend that he’s a keeper. Maybe he just wanted to give her a surprise, or he likes sharing with her, but whatever the case may be, it’s true that he’s a real sweetheart. He’s seen in the video below carrying a bundle of hay across an open green field. He seems to be walking towards his favorite spot to eat, and he shares the hay with his horse girlfriend.

But keep looking as they eat the hay together! They seem to be all about the food, but all of a sudden, they share a beautiful scene as one of the horses leans in so that the other kisses him. Watch how she reacted! She wants to correspond him, but is too ashamed to do it on camera! I guess she doesn’t like doing that kind of stuff in public!

Watch this pretty scene, in the clip below.

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