Horse And Dog Are In A Tug Of War, But Wait Till You See What The Horse Does Next! Wow!

Meet Max and Medallion d’Oro. Max is a dog, a yellow Labrador, and his best friend Medallion d’Oro is a horse, a young foal. The dog and the horse fool around every day, and in this video you can see a famous horseplay between the two.

Max is the boss because Medallion d’Oro is just a baby horse. Like all bosses, Max likes to get his way. So when he saw Medallion d’Oro with a white shirt in his mouth, Max tried to take it from him. That’s the beginning of the video.

After a little tug of war, the dog wins the shirt. In this game an animal that practices its teeth on bones is likely to beat an animal that practices its teeth on grass. What does Max do next after winning the tug of war?

He teases his buddy. Although Medallion d’Oro was a rescue that grew up with a nurse mare, his name sounds awfully similar to the famous stallion Medaglia d’Oro.  Medaglia d’Oro was a very fast race horse on the track, so Medallion d’Oro should be not too shabby himself.

The baby horse sets sight on the dog and gives chase. A heart-pounding footrace develops next. Amazingly the dog manages to stay a step in front all the time. The horse gets so frustrated that he starts bucking and jumping in a tantrum!

This is not to say that Medallion d’Oro has brought disgrace to his race. More likely it’s because he’s just too young. One of these days he’ll figure out how fast he really is.

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