Horse Jogs Down The Street. But Wait Until You See Who’s On His Back…

It’s becoming more and more common to see horses running and feeding in open fields and pastures in the rural and suburban areas and towns around the U.S. Large groups of horses can be seen living in ranches with open green fields, and some of them can even be found in the wild even to this day. It’s hard to deny that horses are staple of American landscapes.

But that’s not the way of life that all horses get to live. Malik Divers is a man who runs a stable in Philadelphia, in which he trains teenagers how to keep horses in good living conditions and how to ride them. The video below was made by Great Big Story, and it showcases Malik’s amazing efforts to diminish vandalism in his town.

As Divers states in the video himself, his intention is to give kids something to distract them from gang activity and dangerous urban activities in general. He says that learning how to live with an animal and how to really understand them to a deep level can make a teenager calm down and get some perspective in their lives. “Concrete cowboys” give their testimony themselves, and you really can see the impact.

Watch the full story of Malik’s amazing program, in the video below.

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