Horse races to meet little boy whenever he calls

Melina had no doubt that her horse, Maple, loved her. But when she saw how her horse interacted with her son, she knew the pair had a unique, unbreakable connection.

The day they met each other, Kolten and Maple were close. “Maple was always completely gentle with him,” said Melina. “They both are so comfortable with each other.”

Melina knew that Kolten and Maple were meant for each other when he walked up to the fence one day while she was in the pasture. The second he called her name, she came running in a way she never did for Melina.

Despite being several times bigger than Kolten, Maple was slow and careful with the toddler. Kolten was just as gentle. He would give the horse hugs, pet her nose and tell Maple he loved her.

While some people might have worried about their son being around such a large animal, Melina was unconcerned. “Maple just knows he’s a little person and to be careful with him,” she said.

When Kolten would go on adventures around the property in his toy tractor, Maple followed him everywhere. “I set her reins down, and she just kept following him,” said Melina.

Melina could not be more excited to see how Maple and Kolten continue to grow together. “She’s already a calm horse that is eager to learn,” she said. “I can just see them learning together and growing.”

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Horse races to meet little boy whenever he calls