Horse Sanctuary reconnects a wild Mustang with his family

wild Mustang reunites with his family

A herd of horses sprints in an open space, in a vast landmass, crooked with rocky hills. Some bright foals are seen following with their mares as the camera reveals their story.

A giant mustang, Goliath, forged in perfection and endowed with brute strength, comes forth. He gaits around the herd, ensuring his family’s safety and ready to ward off any intruder.

Goliath’s mares are complete. His toughened cheek muscles relax as he breathes a sigh of relief. His love affairs would last forever, but Goliath’s escapade suddenly cascades into a nightmare.

wild Mustang reunites with his family

The next moment, helicopter blade slaps permeated the air—sending panic across the entire herd. Goliath’s family took to their Hove’s, only to be strategically chased from freedom into captivity.

The mustang was separated from his family and transported to a pen. Goliath had lost all that was most dear to him. Once a free-spirited wild horse, now in the confines of iron barricades and at the mercy of his captors.

Hope still lives! Skydog Sanctuary, a wildlife conservation group, heard of Goliath’s story and decided to reunite him with his family. By some miracle, Skydog was able to find Red lady.

Reunion! Goliath and Redlady meet again. The pregnant mare received a gentle touch from her lover’s snout. He could feel their baby, realizing hope would live again. They sprint up north, enjoying the air of freedom.

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