Horse Has An Unusual Way To Thank Her Savior, WOW!

I hate it when animals are chained up. It makes them miserable… and then people wonder why they are so grouchy if you go near them. Well, let’s see how you would react if your range of movement was restricted 24 hours a day while you stood out in the open. I have a feeling that you would be similarly grouchy. Well, fortunately, a horse in Romania had a kind soul come his way to rectify his situation.

We see a vet standing among three horses. One of them is older and per Romanian custom, his front hooves are chained together to keep him from running away. The chains are too tight and they are hurting the equine as well as restricting freedom. It’s not a good custom, and the vet wants to set the horse free. Of course, the horse is not going to let him come up and do this, so other methods are needed.

The vet manages to tranquilize the horse and inspect the chains that are binding his front hooves. After a few more seconds, while the other horses circle a bit nervously around him, he pulls out a pair of wire clippers and carefully removes the chains. Then something really sweet happens – one of the younger horses comes up and nuzzles his face in a sign of gratitude. Then comes the waiting for the other horse to wake up – he removes a mask that he had put on the horse to keep sunlight from disturbing him while he took off the chains.

At the end, the horse is a bit wobbly getting up, like… “Whoa. What happened here. Why is my head all fuzzy? Oh… cool, the chains are off. “ It’s great that this vet was able to do that for the equine. I also like that animal rescue efforts like this aren’t just happening in America, but all over the world. In fact, sometimes it feels like the United States could learn a thing or two from other countries about helping animals.

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