That Horse Wants To Fight The Summer Heat, So See What Happens When He Discovers The Kiddie Pool

Summer is awesome, but the heat is not. But it actually does have some perks, like being able to relax in the pool to cool off or get that glorious tan while lying in the sun, although horses are only interested in one of those activities. You can guess which one. Apparently horses are quite similar to us humans in ways we aren’t readily aware of. All they want to do is jump in the pool and ward off the summer heat it seems. Who knew? The following video features an adorable horse that proves just that, and it’s no wonder this clip has gone viral on the Internet!

This horse is named Duke and he is going to bring a smile to your face. He approaches the kiddie pool and he seems sort of wary at first, so he just puts in his legs. But when cooling down becomes a necessity and he realizes his feet are cool and the rest of him isn’t, he instantly jumps in and begins splashing water everywhere! His family is standing nearby, and they look on with amusement and laughter. He finally lays down in the pool and then decides splashing around is more fun. What a cute video!

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