How to Knit the Bubble Stitch Pattern Video

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“There’s something so relaxing about just sitting down and knitting. A wide variety of stitches in your knitting can create some unique and eye-catching patterns. Why stick with the same old, boring slip knot when there are so many other techniques you can use?

One stitch that is especially unique and fun once you get the hang of it is the “bubble knit stitch.” This special technique gives you sections that look like they’ll bubbling or popping out of the pattern. It gives almost a 3-d look to your project and adds such a unique texture.

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Even though the Bubble Knit Stitch looks and sounds hard, Kristen McDonnell has made an instructional video to help you master it. Kristen has her own YouTube channel called Studio Knit, which features some great, easy-to-follow instructional videos for some fun, craft and knitting projects.

For the more experienced knitters, here’s the pattern Kristen follows in this video:
Bubble Stitch:
(Multiples of 4 plus 3)
Rows 1,3,5: Purling all
Rows 2 and 4: Knitting all
Row 6 – K3, K4B, K3 (Instructions for K4B are below)
Row 12: K1, K4B, K3, until the last 2 stitches then K4B and K1

This may definitely look complicated to some people, but once you understand the technique, the pattern is very easy to memorize. You can use any type of yarn and size needle you want.

The Bubble Stitch is made when you throw in the “K4B” into your pattern. This simply means “Knit 4 Below.” To do this, take 1 stitch off on your left needle, then knit four below it. They form little “ladders.”

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Now, the part that causes quite a bit of anxiety with knitters – loosen those four stitches and let them drop all the way down until they are totally loose. (This is most often known as dropping stitches. If you don’t catch it, your entire project can unravel, and all your hard work was for nothing.)

Next, go through the loop with your right needle and put the right needle through the four ladder loops you just made. With your current yarn, you loop it back around as if you’re going to start knitting again. Finally, pull it through the first color stitch, and knit all the way through.

You’ll get the hang of this in no time at all. Try experimenting with different shades of the same color to accent the 3-d effect even more. Give it a try!”

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How to Knit the Bubble Stitch Pattern Video