How to Make a Mini Robotic Bug From Household Items

Mini Robotic Bug Toy DIY How ToWith a little hot glue, paperclips, and a few spare parts you can transform an ordinary clothespin into a mini robot bug with glowing LED eyes that moves across smooth surfaces. The materials are super easy to come by making it a quick and fun DIY project that’s guaranteed to please.

Educators might also want to consider this for their next classroom science project because it’s easy to get students’ attention with robots. As technology advances at a brisk pace, more pressure is being put on classrooms to integrate 21st-century skills and technology – such as robotics.

Homemade RobotThis mini robotic bug toy is mostly made of easily accessible household items including a clothespin, 2 batteries,-a vibrating motor, and LED lights for the eyes. Parts can be scavenged from old cell phones, unused remote controls, or ordered cheaply online.

Teaching robotics in schools allows students to address the growing demand for teaching STEM subjects while learning how science, engineering, math, and technology work together and interact.

Although a soldering iron is required, with supervision (or an adult taking over that step entirely) this mini robotic bug is a winner for the classroom, and it’s a cool project for any kitchen-table scientist.  Check it out, you’re going to want to try this.

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How to Make a Mini Robotic Bug From Household Items