How We Managed Before The Internet

It is hard to believe that life existed before the Internet. How did anyone survive without the Worldwide Web? The things people had to do just to get through their day seem so much more difficult looking back.

Before the advent of cell phones, people would make ‘long-distance’ phone calls by their house phone or pay phone. These calls were billed at a ‘per minute’ rate. Parents would often yell at their kids for running up the phone bill.

Thanks to the Internet, people can talk face-to-face instantly all over the world. Before that, we had ‘Pen pals.’ These were people who regularly wrote each other letters and mailed them.

People used to visit the library to seek knowledge on various subjects. Now, that knowledge is one click away, but previously you had to know your way around a card catalog.

If you wanted knowledge without leaving your home, you’d have to own a set of encyclopedias. These large books came in volumes based on the alphabet. A door-to-door salesperson would offer deals on the whole set. Pre-Internet, there was no streaming music. You needed the radio or your local record shop whenever you wanted to hear a song. People would buy their favorite records, cassettes, or CDs before everything went online.

After visiting the record store, you might stroll into your local mall arcade. These places had all the latest games, but you had to get off your couch. People would gather in person to play their favorites together.

If you wanted to watch a movie, you had to rent or buy a VHS tape. This was the only way to watch a movie in your home until the DVD arrived. Now, everyone streams from subscription services, but before the Internet, you had to rewind to enjoy your favorite film. Amazingly, we survived this era without the glorious Internet’s help!

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How We Managed Before The Internet