This HUGE Polar Bear Stares Down That Man. Now Pay Attention To The Noise She Makes Next…

When it comes to animals, they are constantly surprising us. That is part of the reason why we love them so much. They are incredibly unpredictable and they keep us on our toes because of it. One of those animals that is going against nature but keeping our attention is a polar bear who lives with and considers a man his best friend.

Yes, you read all of that correctly. Mark Dumas is an animal trainer who trains exotic animals to be used in films. One of the animals that Mark was sent to train was a little eight week old polar bear cub named Agee.

Agee was her mother’s eleventh cub. Her mother was too old to care for Agee properly and so the staff at the zoo was taking care of her, until Mark stepped in. Ever since that fateful day Agee and Mark have been inseparable.

It’s been eighteen years now and Agee still follows Mark around like a little cub. Mark and his wife are the two who Agee doesn’t mind being around but anyone else who dares to take Mark’s attention away from Agee will suffer her wrath. She is definitely a spoiled girl, but Agee doesn’t seem to mind too much! As far as we know Mark and Agee are the only two in the world to share this kind of relationship. Watch the full video below for the full story about Mark and Agee, just incredible!

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