HUGE Polar Bear Stares Into That Man’s Eyes, But Pay Attention To The Noise She Makes Next!

Mark Dumas was asked to find a polar bear to photograph and train for a movie. That’s when he heard about a female cub called Agee. Agee was the eleventh cub born to her mom, so her mom was sure to have some difficulties while effectively raising her. Mark had trained many animals for films, and he trained Agee too, but he instantly fell in love with this little cub. So he decided to hand-raise Agee on his own even after he had finished photographing her.

She came from a zoo where she was the eleventh cub born to her mother, who was getting old. I’m not sure why the zoo allowed her to breed if she was too old, but they did, and she needed help caring for Agee.

It has already been 18 years since Mark too Agee from the zoo at just eight weeks old. The pictures of them together are just precious. Agee has started looking up to Mark as her mother, father, and companion.

According to Mark’s wife, Agee gets jealous of even her. If someone takes his attention away from her, she acts needy and feisty, but we don’t see that side of her in this clip. The woman who is interviewing Mark and watching him with Agee is careful to stay in the distance and not take any of Mark’s attention while he plays with Agee.

She shows her appreciation to her dad by purring like a cat, which is a really unusual sound. Mark and Agee swim together, play together, and live together. Mark doesn’t feel any danger with his little girl.

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