He Was Hugging His Cat, But I Couldn’t Stop Smiling When I Saw The Cat’s Expression! ADORABLE!

If you are a cat owner, you probably know how much your cat likes to snuggle. It is no secret that some of these tiny felines love cuddling, while others might be more aloof and distant. It has often been argued that cats are not as emotional or caring or affectionate as their doggie counterparts, but that is not always true. Take, for instance, the little cat in the video below! He’s a perfect example of a cuddly cat.

This clip features a cute little kitty who loves getting cuddles. He looks so satisfied and happy to be in the arms of his loving owner. Those people, who think cats can never be gentle and loving, should really watching this adorable clip! This cute footage will melt your heart for sure! I really can’t stop smiling at this!

This ginger cat is snuggled up with daddy, with his face in daddy’s neck and his paws wrapped around him. His eyes are closed and he is clearly in heaven while daddy pets him. But listen as the camera moves in closer. You can hear him purring like a completely happy and content cat.

He must be so warm and comfortable. I think it’s sweet how much his daddy loves him. He’s a big cat, too! When the camera pans around to daddy’s face, he looks so happy and so in love with his cat. Aww, how sweet.

Watch this heartwarming clip below! Did this make you smile? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

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