Hurricane Florence extreme threat, Category 4 monster projected to STALL over land, dumping 48″ of rain

Meteorologists are shocked at how rapidly Hurricane Florence is strengthening again, and one researcher is already warning that if it could stall and rage over land, dumping up to 48 inches of rain. The devastation he is predicting would be absolutely unprecedented.  

States of emergency have been declared in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia as Hurricane Florence is posed to strike during the second half of the week, with two more hurricanes on trailing behind.

This is scary. We got hammered by Fran in ’96 due to a path like this, bringing the eye of the hurricane inland. That was a Category 2. Florence could do serious damage to the East Coast if it stays on this path and this strength.

According to the recent update from National Hurricane Center, Florence is going to become a major storm on Atlantic season and there is every indication that the Hurricane will continue to increase in strength as it begins its approach. Weather officials have warned the residents (from Florida to Virginia) to get prepared for the worst.

FOX News Weather Model

Last week, Florence became the very first Category 4 hurricane of the 2018 season, but later weakened due to a zone of strong wind shear and cooler waters.

Florence, currently a Category 2 hurricane, is projected to regain intensity and meteorological models suggest Florence will soon be reclassified as a Category 4 storm as it continues its trek westward and meets favorable weather conditions to create the “perfect storm” which could result in massive devastation and flooding

Hurricane Florence on track to hit East Coast

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster  “While our state is not under any current weather advisories, in Florida, we know how quickly a major storm can shift its path,” and “Now is the time to get prepared to make sure your family is safe.”

There are two MORE storms, Helene and Isaac, which are following behind Florence. Helene is gaining its strength and projected to go Category 2 by Tuesday. that it will turn into Category 2 power by Tuesday.  Right now, it’s too early to determine Isaac’s path, but it is currently increasing in intensity and shows no signs of losing power.

On Wednesday or Thursday, Florence is expected to reach Category 4 hurricane status. One weather researcher predicts what could potentially result in massive flooding from up to 48 inches of rain if Florence stalls over land. The video below contains the must-know facts, so you need to watch.

This looks bad, folks. I’m praying this one turns back to sea, but if not, be prepared to evacuate. That includes you and your pets. Leave no one behind. Stay tuned and let people know about the real danger ahead.