Her husband finally finishes building his dream 500k gallon pool. You won’t believe the result!

Whenever the heat becomes too much to bear, what to do you? I can tell you there are few things better for beating the heat during the summer months than spending time in the pool. I remember what it was like being young and spending all day there.

Nowadays, fewer people are building a pool in their backyards than before. So, when someone builds one, they end up sharing that cool space with others.

Honestly, most people do not mind sharing, either. After all, what good is a pool if you cannot share it with the people you love, right? We know that having a pool built can be very expensive, so what some people decide to do it, do it themselves. The man if the video you are about to watch is named Micky Thornton. He is a guy who considers himself to be a little bit of a handyman. He and his wife moved to a small town outside of Memphis, when he saw his new home, he knew that it would not be complete without his dream pool.

Fortunately for the couple, they had ample land to use for this. His wife Jane was all for this, but she had a little bit of a condition: the pool would have to be far from the house. This made Micky have to dig into a pasture that was near the home. He tried to talk his wife into agreeing to have it closer to the home but could not get his wife to budge one bit.

He found out fast that creating his swimming pool on that type of terrain that was destined to be his greatest challenge. The pool would be about the same size as a farm pond and would contain around half a million gallons of water. Micky said he wanted to create a pool where people felt space would not be an issue. He didn’t want to create a pool such as the ones he had experienced as a young child where he would feel cramped in a small space.

What started as just a swimming pool project turned into a water-park-like project. It has become so popular that he is often asked to rent his private space for many other private events like baptisms and prom photos. The park has become so popular that it has even received numerous rave reviews online. This has gotten him newfound popularity and more work. Would you like to see how it looks? Check it out!