Husky Doesn’t Want To Walk Anymore. Now Watch What Poor Dad Has To Do For Him! LOL!

Dogs love to go for walks with their humans. They can get pretty excited at the prospect of going outside, but there are always some exceptions, and I’m not just talking about old dogs. I’m talking about lazy dogs. Take, for example, the adorable husky in this next clip! This cute pooch doesn’t like walks as much as his canine counterparts. As a result, whenever he is out on a walk, he tends to do something hilarious! I can’t stop laughing at this!

When this husky gets tired of walking, he lets his dad know about it. He hops up and down and tries to jump on him. This really is one persistent dog. If he put as much energy into walking as he did into trying to get out of walking, he’d be around the block and back home in no time.

He jumps and jumps, being rather insistent that his owner carry him. This is a big dog! He must weight at least sixty pounds. He pesters the poor owner until he surrenders. Because he is a big dog, he’s too heavy for Dad to carry him in his arms. So guess what? These walks often end with dad carrying him on his back!

Wait till you see this husky get a piggyback ride from his owner. What an adorable little guy! Not to mention what a loving owner he has. This dog isn’t spoiled at all!

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