This Husky Was Separated From Her Best Friend When They Were Pups. One Day She Looks Outside…

Friendships can come and go, but there are always people we share a special and enduring bond with. Yers, or even decades, can go by and yet when you finally meet up again, it’s as if nothing has changed; you simply pick up where you left off. For dogs, it’s no different. They don’t forget the people or other animals that they had great friendships with, even if a lot of time has gone by in “dog years.”

Laika (a very pretty husky) and Rook (a white pit bull with a classic dark patch around one eye) first met when they were youngsters. They hit it off immediately and had great fun romping around together. Circumstances in their humans’ lives changed and as a result, Laika and Rook didn’t get to hang out together anymore. It was a long separation.

But then on Valentine’s Day, Rook and his humans paid a visit to Laika’s house. As they came up the walkway, Laika rushed to the front door and looked out. She recognized her old pal Rook right away and stood alert with her ears as pointy as can be and her tail wagging enthusiastically. When the door was opened, she nosed her head out immediately to give her old friend a good sniffing. Once Rook was in the house, the two of them started frolicking, jumping around and licking each other. There wasn’t any barking or growling, just make-believe fighting, a kind of canine wrestling.

We’ve posted a video of that shows Laika and Rook together when they were puppies and then their reunion. As you’ll see, the two old friends really did pick up right where they left off. Hopefully, there will be more play dates: these dogs are incredibly happy when they’re together.

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