This husky throws a tantrum when mom tells him the horrible news

You can ask any dog parent around the world and they will tell you the same thing: no matter how disciplined or trained you think a dog is, if they don’t like baths, you are always going to have a difficult time. But sometimes the dog’s reaction to bath time can be very amusing. It’s quite a task to try and get a dog used to being clean and washing often, and you need lots of patience and endurance to make it through bath time. Just look at how much this husky’s mom struggles to get him clean! I bet that dog is agonizing!

This peculiar husky is named Monk, and as you can see for yourself, he hates baths more than anything else in the whole world. He acts just like a stubborn toddler and throws a temper tantrum every time mom comes and tells him it’s time for his bath, and he does everything he can possibly do to avoid them, no matter what the cost. He hasn’t figured out yet that his efforts are futile.

After getting fed up with her dog’s stubborn behavior, she decided to record his reaction to bathing time on video and share it on the Internet, so that at least she can get a laugh along with everybody online. As you will shortly see, it’s really something hilarious!

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